Monday, December 14, 2009


We moved on Friday. Thank goodness that is over. Amazingly, we already have almost all the boxes unpacked. The kitchen, of course, was the first to get organized. In fact, I started on it as the movers were bringing in boxes. I am now the proud owner of a gas stove (!) and lots of cupboard space. I have an entire huge cupboard for all my baking stuff. Yay!

I haven't really cooked anything lately due to the move, but I wanted to share this cookbook that I found in a box that came from Tyler's mom. It's one of those school fundraiser jobbies where students/parents contribute recipes. If the flyleaf didn't say it was published in 1998 I'd swear it was put together in the '50's. Do people seriously eat this stuff? Most of the recipes seem to rely heavily on canned soup, Cheez Whiz, and Minute Rice. Some of the more questionable recipes include:

-Classy Chicken- made with chicken breasts, frozen broccoli, cream of chicken soup, mayo. Classy indeed
-Okanagan Cherry Squares under the section Okanagan Fruits. These squares, however, are make with canned cherry pie filling
-Tomato Aspic
-The ubiquitous Porcupine Meatballs- meatballs with rice in them? Why?
-Salmon Loaf- this seems to be like regular meatloaf, only made with salmon
-Sex in a Pan- I don't know whether the contributor of this recipe Shannon Greer was a parent (therefore obviously a MILF/cougar) or a student (that all the 13 year old boys worshiped), but either way this worries me

I almost want to take the recipe that includes the most pre-packaged food and make it just to see how it turns out. But then Tyler will probably love it and I'll have to make it all the time.

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