Friday, January 28, 2011

Need a smile today?

This post has nothing to do with food, but I wanted to share my new favorite thing. Perhaps if you have children you already know that The Barenaked Ladies have a children's album, "Snack Time!". I discovered it yesterday, and I am listening to it right now while Parker is napping. That's how good it is. I am a huge lover of all music*, so to find a children's album to be good listening is a feat to be sure. It covers all genres of music, from a country-inspired song 7 8 9, to the reggae Pollywog in a Bog. True to BNL style, the lyrics are clever and funny both for kids and adults. Even if you don't have kiddlins, please head over to iTunes or Amazon and listen to the samples of at least the first three songs. It'll make your day.

*except techno music- I think you're demented if you listen to this somewhere other than a dance club, and even then it's questionable

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