Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Favourite Things and Waffle Fail

The baby and I took a big trip to the next town over to check out the thrift store yesterday. [Sarcastic] Woo! I was hoping to find some furniture to make over, but everything was expensive (for a thrift store). An old second-hand kids bed for $230? C'mon. But I did find the above vintage waffle iron for $5. And this bowl that is really ugly but looks pretty with necklaces in it. 
Disclaimer: Not real pearls, so don't try to look me up and break into my house.
 Here's my first attempt at waffles. Fail. I forgot to grease the pan. All I could do was scrape it into a ball. My second attempt was better, but of course I didn't take a photo of it. 

Then, the score of the century... check out these throw cushions I got for $25 each from Ten Thousand Villages! I keep sneaking upstairs to the living room to look at them.

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