Thursday, November 29, 2012


Photo from Canadian Living
I am getting tired of cooking gluten free. But it looks like this is going to be our reality for a while. I was almost ready to saw goodbye to baking- I know there are tons of flour alternatives but they can be hard to find and expensive, plus I don't think they taste great.

Then I turned on the TV (I have it set to automatically go to the Food Network of course) and Anna Olsen was doing an episode on flourless desserts. I think she has the right idea- rather than trying to replace all purpose flour with weird stuff, find alternatives that make sense- like Clafoutis made with almond flour. There is hope for baked goods in our house yet!

Raspberry Clafoutis from Bake with Anna Olsen
Flourless French Apple Tarts from Bake with Anna Olsen This recipe does call for rice flour and tapioca starch, but those are pretty easy to find.
Flourless Shortbread with Apple Pie Preserves from Bake with Anna Olsen The shortbread has cheddar cheese, with the apple preserves this looks so good.

And in other news, here are some other recipes I've come across lately.

BLT Cheddar Waffles from Canadian Family I have a way better waffle maker now. No more waffle fails.

Light, Crisp Waffles from Fine Cooking Clearly on a bit of a waffle kick this week (or as Parker says: "wapples")

Homemade Boullion from 101 Cookbooks I love the ease of Better Than Boullion, but I find it too salty. I like the idea of making it yourself. On a side note, when I started to type "better than boullion" into Google it finished my sentence to "better than sex cake" and many other "better than sex" desserts. Is this a thing? I guess so. 

Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops from Canadian Living Pork stuffed with more pork? Yes please. Praise the Lard.

Malt Vinegar Glazed Chicken from Bon Appetit Another use for malt vinegar, which I love, other than on your fish and chips.

Cornmeal Crunch from 101 Cookbooks Basically baked polenta with caramelized onions. Yum.

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