Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Halloween fun for me

I am mildly upset that I won't be here for Halloween. I say mildly because, hello! I'll be in Hawaii! But these I'd like to share these links for seriously awesome Halloween food that I will not be partaking in this year. I have not included links that made me slightly nauseous (like this one- haha tricked you into clicking on it!) Halloween party next year at my house!

Blood and Bones at Joy the Baker
Meat Head on Flikr (I know, so cool!)
Spiderweb Eggs from Martha Stewart
Is it just me or is this NOT SCARY AT ALL?
Bleeding Heart Cupcakes from Epicurious
Cocktail with a Spider in it from Foodnetwork
Brain Cupcakes on Flikr
These cakes are awesome
These are not (ok, they're "awesome")

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