Sunday, July 21, 2013


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We had a whole lot of barbecued food this weekend. As it should be in the summer. Last night Tyler smoked a chicken (the smoker is the Father's Day gift that keeps on giving), and today we had a mess of ribs at Kitchener Ribfest. I just wish I didn't hate beer- part of Ribfest is a craft-beer-fest too and it looked so fun getting little glasses of different beers. I tried. I thought maybe a fruit beer would be good. I got a watermelon beer. It tasted like beer. Then I got a raspberry beer. It too tasted like beer. I was a trooper and gave it a good go, taking 3 sips of the raspberry beer before giving it away. Ah well, it was the ribs we were there for and I destroyed those mofos.

Here are some recipes that caught my eye this week.

Flourless Blender Muffins via Yummy Mummy There's a slim chance of me whipping these up before work- Tyler gets Parker to daycare so that I'm not late for work cause usually I'm late for everything- but still...

Breakfast Buttercups via Cook's Country America's Test Kitchen has done it again and perfected a seemingly simple recipe. These look great for a weekend breakfast.

Lemon Meringue Ice Cream via Sifting Focus I eat the filling out of the lemon meringue pie and leave the crust, so this is perfect. Must make before summer ends, but this will have to wait a few weeks as I currently have 3 other homemade ice creams in the freezer

Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas via Oh She Glows I love salt and vinegar. I love roasted chickpeas. I love making healthy snacks. Perfect.

Drink Mix Tape via Cooking with Julie Oh my I love this. Music paired with related cocktails. I was hoping to see Beastie Boys Brass Monkey, and there it was in the link through! Excellent.

One Pan Pasta via Lottie and Doof This is crazy genius! The pasta, pasta cooking water, sauce ingredients are all thrown in a pan together. What!? It makes sense- they always say to save the pasta cooking water cause it's starchy and holds the sauce together, right? I have to try this asap.

Sex Cereal Have you heard of this? At first glance it sounds like a joke, but you know what? The ingredients look delicious.

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