Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dog Biscuits

It's my dog Sydney's (of blue socks fame) 5th birthday today. She now is only half as crazy as the day we got her, but that's still pretty crazy. We went for a long walk this morning, and since it's raining I decided to make these cookies I saw in Canadian Living. They have mint and parsley in them which hopefully helps with the dog breath situation. However, they also have bacon fat and peanut butter so how good can her breath be after eating one, really?

I swapped butter for bacon fat as I had some from our breakfast this morning, and left the salt and sugar out of the original recipe. I don't think dogs need to have that stuff, and there is already some salt and sugar in the peanut butter. Plus I've seen her eat her own poop, so I don't think she has such a discerning palette that she needs that stuff to gobble these down. So, happy birthday Bearcat!

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Dog's Breath Biscuits from Canadian Living

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