Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mystery Box Dinner

Ok, this wasn't really a "mystery" as I bought all the ingredients, but it felt that way.

My best friend and I went to the St Jacobs Market on Saturday morning to pick out stuff for dinner later that night. I could never do my grocery shopping for the week at the market because as I walk around I see something that looks delicious and impulse buy. All thoughts of meals, or what goes with what, go flying out the window. So Saturday's dinner felt like a mystery ingredient show- you know like Chopped or a quick fire challenge on Top Chef- except there was nothing really crazy like honey buckwheat cough drops in the box (yeah, I saw that on Chopped. Nuts).

Of course, I did manage to make a delicious meal (if I do say so myself) out of these ingredients, but before I post that I want to know- what would you make from these things? Here's the twist though: no potatoes, pasta, bread, or rice as my friend's boyfriend can't eat those things. Post in the comments your meal from these ingredients, and stay tuned later in the week for mine!

PS You don't have to use all the ingredients below, but I tried to use as much of the stuff I from the market as I could.

From the market (clockwise in photo above):
Maple Syrup
Aged Honey Goat Cheese

Other things from the pantry/fridge:
Green Pepper
Balsamic Vinegar
Canned Tomatoes
Dried Herbs and Spices
Fresh Basil
Flat Leaf Parsley

1 comment:

  1. how are there no comments here? c'mon guys!

    here goes nothing ..... (some of these combos may not work at all?)

    - maple glazed and roasted carrots and parsnips
    - (oil and lemon-rubbed if it's allowed? i know there were no lemons listed .... oopsies!) kale and chickpea salad with herbs/spices; topped with crumbled aged honey goat cheese and crispy prosciutto
    -quinoa and tomato salad
    - chicken. :)

    - that's all i've got. almost not worth wondering about since i know you will kick my butt with culinary creativity in your next post!