Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cleanse Day 2

I'm now onto day 3 and I think this must be the longest in my life I have gone without dairy. All I can think about is cheese. Is this what quitting smoking feels like? Dang, quitting cheese... I mean smoking... is tough work.

Yesterday I realized when I got to work that I forgot to pack some dark chocolate. The only treat I get all day. That I was looking forward to all day. AHHHH! Sorry, but apples just don't cut it. On the plus side, I wasn't as starving day 2 as I was the first day.

I was, however, worried that I would be unable to refuse a leftover Easter cupcake at my parents when I dropped Parker off before work. I actually mulled over this scenario the whole drive there and decided that I literally have no will power and would eat the cupcake. Which lead to a fantasy of biting into the strawberry cupcake, what it would taste like, the smooth buttercream, dense cake.

So that just got awkward... Anyway, this whole scene that I worked up in my head did not occur so the cleanse is saved!

Tuesday Day 2

Breakfast: Egg over easy cooked in olive oil on whole grain toast. Carmel Rooibos tea with lemon

Snack: I planned on having a smoothie but didn't have time

Lunch: Brussels Spouts Fried Rice with Crispy Cauliflower from Serious Eats. This was quite good, but did require some hot sauce in my opinion. The good thing about Asian food is you don't feel like you are missing out on something (i.e. CHEESE).

Snack (2pm): Roasted Madras Chickpeas and chai tea with honey

Snack(4:30pm): Half a peanut butter and jam sandwich on whole grain bread

Dinner: Leftover whole wheat pasta with Braised Broccoli and Tomato Sauce and an apple. I think the sauce is better the second day.

Snack: Egyptian Licorice Tea. This tea is delicious and naturally sweet. It's my fave.

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